Dipl.-Ing York Keyser, MA

York Keyser

IT Solution Security Manager at Eurofunk

Master degree from FH Hagenberg in Information Security Managment

Senior software developer at SKIDATA AG since 2013.

Research Assistant on University of Salzburg from 2012 until 2013

Master degree from University of Salzburg at the Department of Computer Sciences

Technical Support at the University of Department of Computer Sciences from 2003 until 2011


If you want to send me sensible information over email please encrypt your email with my public key which can be downloaded by any Key server.

pub 4096R/BAB3646C 2013-12-01 York Keyser
Fingerprint=0D71 F0C1 A757 DB4D 202C 7725 FB1C 0105 BAB3 646C